The man behind the name…

I have an interest in changing the world around me. I am absolutely fascinated by the beauty that technology can offer and want to discover and share innovative to use this technology to advance the progress of humanity.

After starting as a DevOps System Administrator in 2016, I have learned a great deal about networking and what the potential future of the Internet may hold. I have always worked on numerous projects and have been building one thing or another since I received my first Lego set.

My more recent projects focus on generating income so that I may achieve my goal of financial independence. These projects include everything from automated crypto currency trading, to websites, to domain trading, as well as robotics and online retail.

I also enjoy motorsport and routinely autocross with my local motorsport club. Although this is currently a hobby, I look forward to improving my skills and  competing at higher-level competitions.

My Story

I was born in Germany and grew up in the United States giving me a unique insight into the world. I have experienced two unique cultures allowing me to analyze problems from different perspectives. After graduating high school I attended North Carolina State University to study electrical and computer engineering. During my studies I completed an internship abroad at Audi AG completely in German. After experiencing the 9 to 5 world, I knew I wanted more from life. Since then I have been following entrepreneurial ventures, investing, managing my finances, and creating my financially independent future.

Skills, Experience, and Passion

Programming:  I have experience programming in C, Python, Java, and ASM. I also have experience with scripting and markup languages such as HTML, Javascript, and Linux shell scripts.

Hardware: I have assembled custom boards using AVR micro-controllers for everything from sensor platforms to micro-robots.

System Administration: Through my work at as a Systems and Network Administrator in a fast-paced environment I have gained valuable experience in Linux systems administration. I can set up and manage web servers, database servers, as well as install and maintain complex client specific applications.