I am the new Cybersecurity writer at SecuringNinja.com!

I am happy to announce that after months of hard work SecuringNinja.com is ready for launch. With the site now live I will be migrating my existing cybersecurity posts to SecuringNinja.com. I will continue writing in the cybersecurity field but will be posting on the new site now.

Of course that means there is plenty to do still at kai-taylor.com. I want to thank all of my readers over the years. It has been a great journey and we are just getting started. If you enjoyed reading my posts on cyber security and penetration testing rest assured you will find plenty of great content at SecuriningNinja.com.

Not only does SecuringNinja.com keep you up to date with all of the latest cyber security threats, they also cover physical security topics such as home security camera and alarm systems.

I look forward to continuing the next step in my journey with all of my wonderful readers!

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