Teams has more users than Slack according to Microsoft

A blog post recently released by Microsoft corporate vice president Jared Spataro indicates that Microsoft’s Teams has more users than Slack.

Microsoft’s Teams enterprise communication tool now boasts 13 million daily active users. The most recently disclosed number by Slack is 10 million daily active users.

Microsoft also disclosed that they also have 19 million weekly active users. Slack has not disclosed this number since 2017 when they had 9 million weekly active users.

Microsoft Teams has more users than Slack

The above graphic, kindly released by Microsoft shows the daily active user growth of both products. As you can see from the graph, Microsoft’s Teams has only been around for a little over 2 years but already boasts over 13 million daily active users.

Slack on the other hand has been around since 2013 and has slowly and steadily grown their user base since then. They also went public with a direct listing IPO on June 20, 2019. In a direct listing IPO companies offer shares directly to the public rather than through the banks.

Teams has more users than Slack, should investors worry?

Slack’s stock (ticker: WORK) is down 9.74% since their IPO date.

A large part of Microsoft’s success with Teams comes from the bundling of Teams and Office 365. Many of Team’s users also use the Office365 suite of products for day to day work tasks. On the other hand a large segment of Slack’s user base uses Google’s G Suite for the same tasks.

This is how Microsoft has been able to capture over 500,000 business clients. Slack has over 600,000 clients of which only 95,000 are premium customers.

Given the recency of Slack’s IPO it is too early to tell if investors should be worried. While Teams has more users than Slack now, both products offer a different goal.

Slack announced that traditional email would die entirely, while Microsoft wants Teams to help people use email properly.

The enterprise communications market space is vast and there may just be enough space for two competitors.

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